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Specialists in industrial cooling and heating for large rooms and workplaces

Professional electric infrared heaters for localised warming

Heat loss, the movement of airborne dust, the need for constant maintenance and exorbitant energy costs are just some of the problems often associated with the use of traditional convective heating systems in the industrial environment.
Thanks to the local warming of our Helios Radiant electric infrared heaters, it is possible to heat specific areas, and only for as long as necessary, without the need for preheating.

The installation techniques and system design are similar to those used for lighting: heating lamps are installed only where they are needed, maintenance is practically non-existent, and our Infracalor bulbs have a lifetime of over 7,000 hours. They are simple, inexpensive and just one click away from instant warmth.

In 2014, we were recognised by a panel of experts in Germany as the best industrial space heater.

The advantages of professional electric infrared heaters for industry

  • 01

    Heats only the areas of interest for as long as necessary without dispersion.

  • 02

    Generates immediate heat without preheating.

  • 03

    It allows you to save on energy consumption, both in the short and long term.

  • 04

    It has very low installation costs.

  • 05

    It has an ecologicaland waste-free approach.

  • 06

    It is a silent type of heating, which does not create air flow and does not kick up dust.

  • 07


  • 08

    No CO2 emissions..

Learn more about the benefits of infrared heating

With our Star Progetti electric infrared heaters you save up to 70% on heating costs compared to conventional convective systems.

Our technical department will carry out the survey free of charge and take care of the system design.

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Evaporative coolers

High-temperature working environments that are not adequately cooled are prone to numerous problems for operators, such as drops in productivity and loss of alertness, and may even lead to dangerous accidents.
With our evaporative coolers and Eco Fresh Air, it is possible to cool only those areas where it is most needed, creating a cool working environment and greater well-being for workers, while avoiding waste.

The result is a considerable gain in terms of safety, due to the improved concentration of personnel, and production efficiency due to natural psychological and physical well-being. A plug & play solution that requires just a power socket, without the need for costly and complex installations. Our Eco Fresh Air coolers have a very important feature for people’s health: they are equipped with a UV device, placed in the tank, to sterilise the water and prevent the formation of dangerous bacteria and mould. The sanitising and bacterial elimination action was observed on Legionella bacteria, but also on numerous other bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

The advantages of evaporative cooling

  • 01

    Perceived temperature reduced by about 7-8°C.

  • 02

    Immediate freshness and with the windows open.

  • 03

    No invasive installations, just an electrical outlet.

  • 04

    Energy-saving, the same consumption as a light bulb.

  • 05

    Minimal maintenance.

  • 06

    Environmentally friendly, does not use refrigerant gas.

Thanks to the presence of the UV device, our coolers guarantee greater safety, preventing pathogenic phenomena from water stagnation or contamination.

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Source NASA-USA Report CR 1205-1

Protect your employees, excessive heat harms them and the productivity of your company.

Customise your cooling.
In every type of environment, quality comes into its own.

The right solution for an effective industrial cooling system is created by taking several factors into consideration:

the type of environment and its structure, the type of workstations

the type of tasks performed

the type of machinery and equipment present

Mobile Packaged Industrial Air Conditioner

The mobile industrial packaged air conditioner that eliminates heat and humidity and conveys the air-conditioned and dehumidified air over a large area or over a specific area.

A unique solution, ideal for both machine cooling and air-conditioning of confined spaces in the presence of people without the need for any installations.


  • 01

    Air-conditioning of workstations in non-air-conditioned halls

  • 02

    Air-conditioning of tensile structures

  • 03

    Rapid air-conditioning of prefabricated buildings

  • 04

    Machine cooling

  • 05

    Air-conditioning of workstations in shipbuilding and in operating cabins


With no external units

Conveyable cold air flow up to 10 m

Outlet air temperature up to 4°

18-litre condensate tank.


Multi-directional, adjustable cold air flow

The pair of extendable and flexible conveyors allow the cold air to be channelled at any angle, reaching even difficult and cramped rooms, with the possibility of cooling several areas simultaneously

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Modular room separators


Modular room dividers from Star Progetti allow rooms and work areas to be separated, creating new spaces, even temporary ones, which can be extended, protected and heated with HELIOS RADIANT® IRK.
Modular dividers respond flexibly to the needs of modern, often changing logistics, which sometimes require the creation of spaces reserved for people or materials, even for a limited period of time.


The most economical and ideal solution for:

  • 01

    Demarcate work areas and create comfort zones for workers

  • 02

    Cordon off offices

  • 03

    Create spaces that can be expanded later as required and without additional installation costs

  • 04

    Protect against draughts, dust, smoke, noise and environmental interference

What it looks like:

made of robust, polyester powder-coated and oven-baked aluminium. The fire-retardant bottom panel is made of highly resistant and durable composite laminate. The safety glass is thick tempered (Tempered Safety Glass) with perfectly rounded edges. The modules can also be equipped with frosted or smoked glass for better privacy in the room. The hardware is made of stainless steel.

fixed, movable walls, doors and openings can be created with the convenient hooks provided, depending on company logistics. In addition, the available telescopic supports allow the modules to be placed or fixed on any type of flooring, even the most difficult varieties.

Why Star Progetti room dividers?

None, only normal cleaning.

It guarantees maximum safety because it complies with the prescribed fire regulations and Law 81 (formerly 626).

Our technical department can design your spaces to be fitted out in 3D.

In just a few minutes.

The separators allow great savings in room design.

The system can be extended with further modules, easily and as required, without any installation costs.

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