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Professional electric infrared heaters

Star Progetti, an international leader in the research and production of professional infrared electric heaters

Not all infrared heaters are the same; each type of environment requires a specific category of heater.

That is why at Star Progetti we believe that in order to heat at maximum efficiency and without waste, it is necessary to use a specific heater for each type of use. We are the only company in the world to have designed more than 100 models of high-performance infrared heaters for specific uses.

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Heating of industrial spaces and workplaces

Our Helios Radiant are professional electric infrared heaters designed specifically for heating industrial spaces and workstations, and for providing immediate heat in industrial processes.

Thanks to the maximum heat efficiency of our industrial heaters, it is possible to heat large spaces without waste, saving on energy bills.


Infrared heaters designed for use in ATEX-compliant environments.

Suitable for heating people in explosive environmentsas per ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.


The line of heaters made for the world of design, for architects and for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Heliosa’s professional infrared heaters are designed to heat verandas, patios and terraces in environments that require the utmost elegance and discretion. With Heliosa you get maximum heating power combined with a stylish design that fits into any environment.

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Obelisk is an elegant luminous furnishing accessory with a design that is 100% Made in Italy.

Obelisk is ideal for illuminating verandas, patios and terraces. It can also be used as a support for our Heliosa heaters to heat outdoor areas during winter in a stylish and elegant manner.

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The innovative solution to prevent hypothermia in first aid

The line of electric infrared heaters for the prevention of hypothermia in emergency and first aid situations. Used by fire brigades, civil defence and rescue organisations.


InfraCalor is our Plug&Play line of compact infrared heaters

We have equipped InfraCalor infrared heaters with a compact design to offer the best heating performance in extremely small spaces.


Varma Tec is our line of professional electric infrared heaters designed for the hardware industry, capable of radiating heat directly onto areas of interest, without dispersion.

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Local Warming is a unique approach designed for infrared heaters to focus only on those areas that need it, and only for as long as necessary.

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We design and manufacture our infrared heaters using the Local Warming approach to achieve maximum heat efficiency while avoiding waste.

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Thousands of companies worldwide use our professional heaters, find out who has chosen Star Progetti for their environmental comfort.

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Our technicians will provide you with the heat dimensioning of the area of interest to facilitate the choice of the number of heaters and the most suitable model.

In the design, the coverage areas can vary depending on many factors, including the installation height and the synergy that can be achieved by installing several heaters. In the case of installing several heaters, heating can be considerably enhanced.

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