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Screens and modular structures for outdoor spaces

A history of Italian excellence in the world since 1997

In over 30 years of history, OASIdehor® solutions have played a leading role in defining the concept of ‘dehors’ throughout Europe.
Elegant and functional, perfectly integrable with awnings, pergolas, and bioclimatic structures, they make every outdoor space unique, offering new opportunities for comfortable year-round enjoyment.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using the finest materials on the market, they are built to last a lifetime.

Years of excellence
Made in Italy

Modular perimeter structures

All-glass and Up&Down structures that integrate perfectly with both new and existing pergolas, bioclimates or frames.

Functionality, comfort, design and durability: ideal for making your outdoor area cosy and comfortable in all weather conditions all year round.

They offer protection, brightness and maximum visibility to the outside while sheltering the environment from rain, wind and noise. Automatic movement, LED lighting and optional extras for pure functional beauty.

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Oasidehor Living

A modern, neat and material design for exploiting a terrace with maximum versatility.​
Two different configurations: as a bench or as a planter. ​If you want to change the configuration, not a problem, just use the transformation kits.​
Possibility of use on wheels, floor standing or fixed to the ground

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Modular Screens

Elegant and essential, OASIdehor screens are a synthesis of more than 30 years of research into design, functionality and quality materials.
Fixed or mobile, thanks to their versatility, they can be installed in any setting and can meet the most diverse requirements. ​
To create a protected and comfortable outdoor environment in the presence of structures and parasols
More than 50 configurations of designs, colours, glass and accessories to suit any design and style requirement

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Separators in fabric

Partitions for bars and restaurants designed to overcome the problems of dividing outdoor and indoor areas where it is not possible to use fixed, rigid structures or traditional screens.

They can be easily assembled, placed and moved, enclosing the outdoor spaces and creating settings as required.

Fully customisable in colour with the possibility of printing logos or lettering on the fabric.

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Patented structures made of robust, UV-resistant, polyester coated aluminium with anti-salt treatment.


Made entirely in Italy, they are ideal for partitioning outdoor spaces with elegance and style.
Rational design expressed in more classic and modern forms, and multiple combinations of colours and lines to suit any context.


All OASIdehor® solutions can be tailor-made and customised according to project requirements.


Modular units and patented interlocking structure for easy installation that allows customisation of the outdoor area with fixed and movable walls, openings, doors, planters and benches.


We use eco-friendly materials: this is our contribution to the well-being and respect of nature and the land. All our screens are made of cellulose-based panels from controlled and responsibly managed forests. In addition, the panels used in our screens do not contain phenol, and are manufactured using environmentally friendly resins to ensure the safety of workers and end users.


OASIdehor facilities are successfully distributed throughout Europe, Russia, the Mediterranean, the USA and Australia.

Customised design

All OASIdehor® solutions can be tailor-made and customised
according to project requirements.

Maybe you already have a pergola, freestanding pergola or a simple frame.
All OASIdehor® structures and screens can be adapted to any existing structure.

Our specialised dealers, over 500 worldwide, are ready to provide you with the best support in the selection, design and installation of your solution.

We reserve communication, training, marketing, privileged discounts and additional services for our authorised dealers.

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Over 30000 solutions installed worldwide

The experience

Heating technologies, cooling solutions and comfort in every type of environment.

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Our solutions for the HoReCa sector

We know the HoReCa sector and its needs very well. For more than 30 years, we have been supporting operators in developing their business, and can proudly say that we have changed the way people experience outdoor spaces all year round.

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Social and environmental

Awareness is only the first step. We are convinced that for every technological production there are social and environmental responsibilities that cannot be ignored.

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