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We know the HoReCa sector and its needs very well. For more than 30 years, we have been supporting operators in developing their business, and can proudly say that we have changed the way people experience outdoor spaces all year round.

With the first gas-powered Fungo® in the early 1990s, we changed the way we experience outdoor spaces. With the OASIdehor® line of modular screens and the Heliosa Hi-design® infrared lamps, we then created a new trend and a new way of experiencing patios by transforming anonymous outdoor spaces into elegant environments that can be used all year round, helping bars and restaurants to grow their businesses.

A complete solution for year-round climate control of outdoor spaces.

Patio Screens and
Modular Outdoor Structures

Our modular screens for cafés and restaurants make it possible to separate and arrange spaces, transforming an outdoor space into an elegant lounge that can be used all year round, boosting receptivity and increasing business.

With Star Progetti an outdoor space becomes a treasure

  • 01

    Rational design expressed in more classic and modern forms, and multiple combinations of colours and lines to suit any context.

  • 02

    Patented structures made of robust, UV-resistant, polyester coated aluminium with anti-salt treatment.

  • 03

    Modular units and patented interlocking structure for easy installation that allows customisation of the outdoor area with fixed and movable walls, openings, doors, planters and benches.

  • 04

    Elegant and functional, perfectly complementing awnings, pergolas and bioclimatic systems, they make every outdoor space unique, offering new opportunities to enjoy them comfortably all year round.

  • 05

    All OASIdehor® solutions can be tailor-made and customised according to project requirements.

Why OASIdehor screens and structures?

Our Technical Department can design your outdoor spaces with the new proprietary 3D configurator.

All products, including glass, are guaranteed for 5 years.

None, only normal cleaning.

OASIdehor facilities are successfully distributed throughout Europe, Russia, the Mediterranean, the USA and Australia.

All OASIdehor products are 100% Made in Italy.

Respect for the environment

The panels of our screens are made of cellulose-based raw materials from controlled and responsibly managed forests. Furthermore, our panels do not contain phenol, and are manufactured using environmentally friendly resins that guarantee maximum safety for workers and end users.

Designer infrared heating for indoor and outdoor spaces

With our Heliosa® designer electric infrared heaters indoor and outdoor spaces can be heated elegantly, saving up to 70% on heating costs compared to traditional gas systems.​
By combining the best heating performance, the result of our decades of experience in the field of infrared heating, with an elegant, modern and textured product design, we have created a range of infrared heaters that are perfect for use in any context and that meet the most demanding expectations of designers and architects.

More than 20 models, designed for a specific use (e.g. installation under umbrellas and tents, wall-mounted or on movable media), with special amber light or black glass bulbs for reduced light emission, and with the possibility of integration with motion sensors to automatically switch on only when people are present

The advantages of Heliosa’s electric infrared heating:

  • 01

    100% Made in Italy

  • 02

    Modern, elegant and textured design

  • 03

    Models with Amber Light bulbs or black glass for reduced light output

  • 01

    Heat is immediate, and can be localised and directed without dispersion

  • 02

    Heat is easily adjusted to the ambient temperature

  • 03

    An ideal solution for all indoor and outdoor environments

  • 01

    Operating cost reduced by up to 70 % compared to gas systems

  • 02

    Can be integrated with wireless motion sensors

  • 03

    Higher heat output means fewer heaters installed

  • 01

    No wasted energy

  • 02

    No fossil fuels, no CO2

  • 03

    Powered by energy from renewable sources


With our Star Progetti electric infrared heaters you save up to 70% on heating costs compared to gas systems.

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Maximum energy savings thanks to wireless motion sensors

In pursuit of our commitment to designing new, more sustainable and energy-saving products, we have developed an innovative solution that avoids energy waste and reduces the running cost of heaters.
Thanks to our Radio technology, it is possible to connect the heaters with wireless motion sensors for timed activation, only when people are present. ​

And with the unique memory function of Heliosa Hi Design Radio heaters, a chronothermostat can be installed upstream of the electrical heating system to modulate activation according to the outside temperature.

Evaporative cooling for commercial spaces

For cooling open or semi-open rooms by localising the cooling to the areas needed, with maximum efficiency and energy saving. The ultimate solution for cooling zones under tents, sails, under parasols, and for cooling patios and terraces in bars and restaurants.
A natural, ecological and effective system for cooling even large open spaces. ​
The cooling effect, just as it occurs in nature, is in fact due to the natural evaporation process of water which, by carrying away heat, reduces the perceived temperature by ˜7-8°.

No refrigerant gases are used and electricity consumption is the equivalent to that of a light bulb.

The advantages of Brezza evaporative coolers:

  • 01

    Perceived temperature reduced by approx. 7-8°C

  • 02

    Immediate freshness even in open spaces

  • 03

    Eliminates smoke and odours

  • 01

    They use the natural process of evaporation

  • 02

    No refrigerant gases are used

  • 03

    They consume 20% of the energy of an air conditioner

  • 01

    Power consumption is that of a light bulb

  • 02

    Plug&play - no installation costs

  • 03

    Operation can be modulated according to requirements

  • 01

    Does not take up space, can be placed in the corner of the patio

  • 02

    No installation and no outdoor unit

  • 03

    Minimum maintenance

Thanks to the presence of the UV device, Star Bruma ensures greater safety by preventing pathogenic phenomena due to water stagnation or possible contamination.

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Nozzle-less outdoor sprayer

Star Bruma, the nozzle-less spray that reduces the perceived temperature by spraying water, creating a ventilated comfort.

Star Bruma uses the natural principle of water misting, which produces fresh air by releasing millions of micro particles of fresh water that quickly evaporate and reduce the ambient temperature by carrying away heat.
Unlike common mist sprayers, Star Bruma sprays water without the use of nozzles, avoiding possible clogging of the nozzles and thus causing them to malfunction.

In common mist sprayers, the possible presence of clogged nozzles causes excessively large drops of water to escape, which, making it more difficult to evaporate, generate an excess of humidity that is deposited on objects and people within the range of action of the device, thus getting them wet.

The only one with an antibacterial UV device for water sanitisation.

The ideal solution for cooling:

Terraces of Bars - Restaurants - Hotels



Open canopies


Outdoor event areas

Bathing establishments

Thanks to the presence of the UV device, our coolers guarantee greater safety, preventing pathogenic phenomena from water stagnation or contamination.

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The advantages of Star Bruma:

  • 01

    Maintenance-free, not affected by limescale because it is nozzle-less

  • 02

    The electrical system is watertight, making it safe to use

  • 03

    It can be placed anywhere because it is mobile

  • 04

    Adjustable ventilation speed with a 3-way switch

  • 05

    It is possible to adjust the spray

  • 06

    Very quiet

  • 07

    No external unit

  • 08

    Reduces temperature immediately, creating a great sense of well-being

  • 09

    No compressor, no maintenance problems

Star Bruma uses the natural principle of water misting, which produces fresh air by releasing millions of micro particles of fresh water that quickly evaporate and reduce the room temperature by carrying away heat.
Star Bruma is unique because it sprays water without the use of nozzles, avoiding possible clogging and thus malfunctioning.
The speed and emission of the spray (mist) is adjustable in several positions.
The Star Bruma’s fan is equipped with an oscillation system from 0 to 72° that expands the ventilated cool zone.
The water tank is integrated; there is no external unit.
Star Bruma has a great autonomy of use (approx. 5/6 hours).

Terraces of Bars - Restaurants - Hotels

Outdoor event areas

Swimming pools

Bathing establishments

Tensile structures

Sports environments

Industrial environments with the presence of dust


Outdoor areas of warehouses

Code FRE326N

Power supply/frequency 230V

Minimum air flow 143, max 220 m3/min

Cooling area 35/40 m2

Range 15 m

Temperature reduction 4 - 6° C

Oscillation angle 0-72°

Tilt angle -15°/+15°

Water tank 57 litres

Water consumption (average) 2.8 litres/h

Blade diameter 65 cm

Speed 1100 - 1250

1400 rpm

Power consumption 210-220-240 Watt

Noise level 55-60-68 dB

Colour Matt black

Net weight 34.2 kg

Height 185 cm


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