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Industrial processing​

Efficient and economical heaters for industrial applications.

Heat in industrial processes

Star Progetti, with its 30 years of experience in the application of infrared technology in industry, is the ideal partner for optimising and making all those production processes where heat is needed more efficient.
We have supported companies from all over the world in the mechanical engineering, food, packaging, textile, chemical, nautical and agro-food industries, to reduce their processing times and optimise their production processes, with a significant reduction in production costs.

Reduction of processing times and costs of targeted and adjustable heat production for maintaining plant temperatures.

Infrared heaters from Star Progetti are in fact an efficient and economical solution for many industrial applications where targeted and adjustable heat is needed such as:

  • 01

    Moisture removal

  • 02

    Production of specific temperatures

  • 03

    Drying of various materials, construction

  • 04

    Ageing of materials

  • 05

    Acceleration of bonding processes

  • 06

    Heat treatment of materials prior to processing

  • 07

    Drying water-based coatings

  • 08

    Temperature-controlled plant maintenance

  • 09

    Heat treatment of materials prior to processing

  • 10


  • 11

    Rapid drying of primers, sealants, marbles

  • 12

    Construction of economical drying ovens Polymerisation of resins, inks


Local Warming is a unique approach designed for infrared heaters to focus only on those areas that need it, and only for as long as necessary.

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We design and manufacture our infrared heaters using the Local Warming approach to achieve maximum heat efficiency while avoiding waste.

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Thousands of companies worldwide use our professional heaters, find out who has chosen Star Progetti for their environmental comfort.

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