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Tactical heating for emergency situations

A solution designed together with experienced rescuers to combat hypothermia in emergency situations and heat tents and canopies in seconds. The ergonomics and technical specifications of Hypothermsave have been designed to ensure rapid, practical and effective intervention without interfering with rescue activities taking place simultaneously. ​

  • Practical
  • Effective
  • Immediate

According to expert studies, up to 66% of polytrauma patients experience hypothermia on admission to hospital, leading to very high levels of aggravation.
The drop in body temperature associated with the development of a hypothermic state results in a significantly higher rates of mortality.

For this reason, the prevention of hypothermia threats in the pre-clinical phase of rescue, in persons involved in accidents, is a fundamental consideration.

In such situations, rapid intervention is crucial to ensure a better chance of survival for the patient. according to the ‘golden hour of shock’ rule, rescue tasks must be performed and the patient transported to hospital within a maximum of 60 minutes.

La Golden Hour of Shock​

« “There is a golden hour that separates life and death. If you are seriously injured you have less than 60 minutes to survive. You might not die immediately – it might happen three days to two weeks later – but something irreparable has happened in your body’»
(R Adams Cowley 1976)​

If it is not possible to transport victims to hospital quickly, it is essential to intervene effectively in the pre-clinical phase in order to prevent the onset of accidental hypothermia.

Hypothermsave is designed to prevent the onset of hypothermia in the pre-clinical phases of rescue.

Compared to common thermal blankets, it does not hinder rescue operations and, above all, is a proactive system of heat supply.

Hypotherm blanket VS Hypothermsave

It can be seen from the pictures that in an environment where the temperature is the same, the use of the isotherm blanket does not result in a rise in body temperature, whereas the use of the Hypothermsave heater results in an immediate rise in the patient’s body temperature.

Heated person with isothermal blanket

Heated person with Hypothermsave

With the help of Hypothermsave, rescuers can immediately protect people from hypothermia in the open air.

In disasters, catastrophes and natural calamities, it takes rescuers about 45 to 60 minutes to set up heated tents. With the help of Hypothermsave, rescuers can immediately protect people from hypothermia in the open air.

The Hypothermsave Tent is designed to heat tents quickly and effectively.

The Hypothermsave Tent is a quick and easy professional heater that can be attached to the tent frame with the accessories provided. It does not cause movement of air or dust, the heat is immediate and even. In addition, the Hypothermsave Tent eliminates the humidity that is very often present inside these environments. Its use does not compromise organisational or rescue activities.



In the event of a car accident, the victim can be warmed up immediately and at a distance with Hypothermsave.


Infrared radiation also penetrates through glass. Victims and rescuers do not come into contact with hot surfaces.


For heating inside tents and canopies efficiently and quickly.


In the event of an alpine or skiing accident, the victim can be immediately and proactively heated.


In any situation where immediate warmth is needed.

The ultimate first aid solution


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