Star Progetti:
specialised in outdoor areas

Starting from the early 1990s, Star Progetti has been constantly revolutionising the hospitality sector. With its first Fungo® gas heater, it changed the experience of outdoor areas in winter . With the OASIdehor® line of modular windbreaks and the Heliosa Hi-design® heaters, Star Progetti has created a new trend and a new approach to making the most of outdoor areas, turning them into elegant extensions of the bars and restaurants that can be used all year, helping to boost their turnover.

A complete solution for the climate control of the areas all year round:

Infrared heating:

an elegant solution for outdoor areas with the Heliosa Hi-design® designer heaters. Allows for a 70% saving on heating costs compared to traditional gas systems.

Windbreaks and structures for outdoors:
turn the outdoor area into an elegant lounge that can be used all year, boosting capacity and increasing turnover

Evaporative air cooling:
give your customers a breath of fresh, healthy area, thanks to our evaporative air coolers, suitable for use in open and semi-open areas

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