Star Progetti's short-wave infrared heaters are the ideal solution to create heat zones for animals in zoological parks

Electric infrared heating

When animals are kept in captivity, recreating the environmental conditions of their natural habitats is vital for their survival and good health.
This includes maintaining correct levels of temperature, humidity and light suitable for each species.

In most enclosures, heat is an essential component. The combination of UV rays, white light and short-wave infrared heat creates ideal conditions.
In this way, the animals can regulate temperature, moving away from the heated area to cool down or towards it to stay warm.

Star Progetti’s short-wave infrared heaters reproduce the effect of the sun.
The sun warms the earth with the short-wave section of the infrared rays radiating into space.
The longest wavelengths are filtered by the Earth’s atmosphere.
These are Star Progetti’s highly effective short-wave infrared heaters, together with our range of controls that will provide an ideal heat source for animals.

The advantages of Star Progetti's infrared lamps

  • Maximum heat efficiency
  • Does not produce CO2
  • Heats the bodies only and does not cause humidity and condensation
  • Does not cause air movements
  • Does not cause suffering to the animals due to abrupt shifts in temperature

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