Star Progetti offers breeders an economical and ecological solution to keep their animals warm during winter

Electric infrared heating

Star Progetti is an international market leader in the design and production of short-wave infrared heaters.
For this reason, HELIOS RADIANT heaters are now used extensively on livestock farms all over the world to keep chickens, calves, pigs, etc. warm during the winter.


Star Progetti heaters do not heat the air directly, but imitate the heating effect of the sun’s rays. For this reason, in buildings and barns with open or highly ventilated areas, they allow young or newborn animals to develop in optimal conditions.


Studies carried out with partner crop and livestock farmers all over the world have demonstrated that the use of Star Progetti electric infrared heaters instead of traditional thermo-hydraulic systems allows for a drastic reduction in the concentration of humidity in the air and in CO2.


The consequent lower proliferation of moulds, fungi and bacteria in the bedding allows for a more natural and healthy environment ACCELERATING THE GROWTH OF THE ANIMALS REARED and reducing the onset of health problems and consequently the mortality rate.


In addition, compared to the classic quartz infrared heaters, which have reduced heating power and must therefore be placed close to the animals in order to have any effect, Star Progetti’s short-wave infrared heaters are much more powerful, and can be wall mounted or hung at a safe distance from the animals, creating a large, effective heat zone.


Suitable for animals of all breeds and sizes, including poultry, sheep and cattle.

Advantages for factory farming

  • Maximum heat efficiency
  • Does not produce CO2
  • Heats the bodies only and does not cause humidity and condensation
  • Does not cause air movements
  • Does not cause suffering to the animals due to abrupt shifts in temperature
  • Reduces the spread of fungi and bacteria and health problems for the livestock
  • Reduces the mortality rate of the livestock
  • Improves the weight of the animals

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