Infrared light is the reason we feel warm on a sunny winter day. Using the properties of radiation, the sun’s rays move through space and the air, warming objects, such as the human body, that are exposed to it. This is because the bodies that receive infrared rays from the source immediately absorb the heat and are warmed up instantly.

il riscaldamento a raggi infrarossi permette di riscaldare il dehors e i gazebo di bar e ristoranti solo quando necessario per il tempo necessario


Star Progetti’s electric infrared heating systems use the same means of heat transmission as the rays of the sun. The heat emitted is absorbed directly by the objects, people and any structures that come into contact with it. These then turn the waves absorbed into thermal energy, which is in turn transmitted to the surrounding environment, creating optimal comfort for the occupants of the area to be heated.

For this reason, by directly heating the objects and the people, but not the surrounding air, there is no dispersion of heat, and efficient «local warming» is obtained.


Decades of infrared technology experience and research have allowed Star Progetti to develop and patent special parabolic reflectors. The shape of the reflector and the material used – a special aluminium alloy – optimise the refraction of the infrared rays, thus guaranteeing maximum heat efficiency and significant energy savings.

The concentration of the infrared rays is evenly spread, allowing for an even spread of heat, with no dispersion.
With equal energy consumption, Star Progetti electric infrared heaters guarantee 30% greater heat emission than many other heaters on the market.

il riscaldamento a raggi infrarossi di star progetti permette di riscaldare immediatamente quegli spazi dove è necessario solo per il tempo necessario

Local Warming

With Star Progetti electric infrared heaters, it is possible to heat only the areas required and only for the amount of time required…


High heating costs, significant dispersion of heat and dissatisfied staff and customers are the problems often caused…

il riscaldamento a raggi infrarossi di star progetti è un riscaldamento elettrico a basso consumo e permette di risparmiare sulla bolletta energetica


Star Progetti electric infrared heating is the winning solution to save on heating costs…

Made-to-measure design

Star Progetti technicians calculate the heat requirements of the customer’s area, to help them choose the number of heaters and the most suitable model. In the project, it is important to consider that the areas covered may vary depending on the installation height and the synergy created with a number of heaters installed. In the latter case, the heating performance can be significantly improved.