The new nozzle-free unit that atomises the water, thus bringing the temperature down and creating a pleasant, ventilated sensation.

  • No maintenance required. Limescale is not a problem, because the unit does not have nozzles

  • Mobile, can be placed anywhere

  • Ventilation speed adjustable, with three positions

  • Timer function

  • Misting level can be adjusted

Specifically for:

  • External areas of warehouses

  • Industrial facilities

  • Tensile structures

  • Beach facilities

  • Swimming pools

  • Outside areas of bars, restaurants and hotels

  • Outside areas at events

Star Bruma

Star Bruma uses the natural principle of water atomisation, which produces cool air by releasing millions of micro-particles of cool water that evaporate rapidly and thus lower the air temperature by drawing away the heat.

  • Energy consumption: 210-220-240 watt
  • Air flow: min 143 – max 220 m3/min
  • Cooled area: ∼ 35/40 m²
  • Height: cm 185

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