Honeywell is the line of evaporative air coolers for commercial activities, laboratories and work areas. They rapidly cool areas thanks to a powerful air flow, creating a pleasant sensation of well-being. Models available for both indoors and outdoors.


Evaporative air coolers equipped with a powerful motor and a large fan, to guarantee a plentiful flow of fresh, cool air. Honeywell air coolers are equipped with special honeycomb panels for excellent cooling results.

  • Improved air distribution with swing ventilation
  • High-capacity tank that does not require frequent filling
  • Pipe for automatic connection to water supply network
  • Mobile, with wheels with brakes


Maximum air flow: 800 m³/hr
Water tank capacity: 20 l
Energy consumption: 230 watt
Cooled area: ∼ 28 m²
Dimensions: cm 48 x 37 x 83,5


Maximum air flow: 1680 m³/hr
Water tank capacity: 
38 l
Energy consumption
 140 watt
Cooled area: ∼ 
53 m²
cm 66,5 x 36,5 x 86,4


Maximum air flow: 2610 m³/hr
Water tank capacity: 
60 l
Energy consumption:
220 watt
Cooled area: ∼ 
80 m²
cm 70 x 46,6 x 101,7

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