Star Progetti brings an inviting touch to places of worship, safeguarding the environment and artistic heritage

In winter…
Star Progetti infrared heaters can be used to provide heat only to worshippers and only for the time required, without heat dispersion or preheating.
Significant savings on installation costs, and cuts electricity bills by up to 70% compared to traditional air and gas systems.
Thanks to the non-invasive installation and the need for little or no work on the masonry, it is possible to preserve artworks and architecture.

… and in summer

Star Progetti’s ECO FRESH AIR air coolers cool the environment naturally. Thanks to the natural effect of the evaporation, a fresh, purified air flow makes it possible to recreate the pleasant sensation of a cool breeze next to a waterfall.

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Advantages of the heaters

Advantages of the air coolers

  • Savings on electricity bills
  • Non-invasive installation
  • Does not create condensation and thus preserves artworks
  • No CO2
  • Saves on the costs for installing an air conditioning system
  • Consumption equivalent to a light bulb
  • No running costs
  • No refrigeration gases
  • Can also be used during functions

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