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Heat dispersion, movement of air and dust, constant maintenance and exorbitant energy costs: these are just some of the problems often associated with the use of traditional convection heating systems in industry.

Star Progetti’s HELIOS RADIANT heaters can be used to heat only the areas required for the time required, without the need for any preheating. The technique and the installations required are similar to those for lighting: simple, economical, and all it takes is a click to obtain the necessary heat immediately. The heaters are installed only where required. They require virtually no maintenance, and Star Progetti bulbs last for over 7000 hours.

In 2014, STAR PROGETTI obtained a prestigious accolade from a panel of experts in Germany for the best heaters for industrial environments.



  • Heats only the areas required for the time required, without dispersion.
  • Immediate heat, without preheating.
  • Saves energy: reduces consumption in both the short and long term.
  • Saves on plant and installation costs.
  • Eco-friendly heating: does not make a noise, create air flows or raise dust.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • NoCO2

With Star Progetti infrared electric heaters, companies can save up to 70% on heating costs compared to traditional convection systems.

Our technical office will carry out a free inspection and will take care of the design of the plant.


A reduction in productivity and lucidity and accidents in the workplace are just a few of the problems that can arise due to high temperatures in working areas.


Star Progetti mobile air coolers and air conditioners can be used to cool the air only where required, creating a cool working environment and boosting workers’ well-being.

Evaporative Cooling

  • Reduction of approx. 5°C/7°C in perceived temperature, with a pleasant oscillating, adjustable ventilation effect.
  • No need for invasive installations.
  • Reduced energy consumption and minimal maintenance.

Mobile Air Conditioning

  • Ideal for cooling workstations, operators in closed spaces and industrial machinery, thanks to the directable air flow.
  • No external units.
  • No installation costs.

Source NASA-USA Report CR 1205-1


DROP IN PRODUCTIVITY3%8%18%29%45%62%79%
DROP IN ATTENTION---5%40%300%700%------


STAR COOLER is an air conditioning system that removes heat and humidity. The conveyors carry the cold and dehumidified air over a large area or a specific area.

STAR COOLER mobile air conditioners are ideal for a variety of solutions:

  • Cooling workstations in non-air-conditioned warehouses
  • Cooling industrial machinery, thus reducing machine downtime
  • In small areas and spaces, where it is often necessary to work inside vehicles
  • Industrial Processing activities
  • Loading and unloading areas


Star Progetti’s modular partitions walls for work areas make it possible to divide working areas and environments, creating new temporary or permanent spaces that can be expanded, protected and climate-controlled using Star Progetti solutions.

Modular partitions walls offer a flexible response to the needs of modern logistics, which often change frequently and sometimes require the creation of areas reserved for particular people or materials, even for limited periods of time.

Modular partitions walls offer an ideal, economical solution for:

  • Marking off operational areas.
  • Closing off offices.
  • Creating spaces that can later be expanded as required and without further installation costs – Protecting work areas from draughts and improving the microclimate of the workstations.

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Vantaggi per l’industria

  • Risparmio di impianto e di installazione
  • Risparmio nei consumi a breve e a lungo termine
  • Risparmi per il riscaldamento di ambienti molto grandi (o con presenza di correnti d’aria) possibilità di utilizzo per riscaldamento esterno
  • Riscaldamento ecologico senza polveri,correnti d’aria e rumore
  • Risparmio energetico
  • Utilizzo delle apparecchiature mirato nell’industrial processing
  • Possibilità di regolazioni elettroniche di ogni tipo
  • Calore ecologico di qualità solare
  • Riscaldano solo le zone di lavoro per il tempo necessario di attività, senza dispersioni
  • Riscaldano le zone di lavoro difficili
  • Generano calore immediato
  • Non richiedono manutenzione
  • Non producono CO2 e contribuiscono notevolmente al risparmio energetico
  • Il nostro ufficio tecnico è a disposizione per il sopralluogo e progetto