We work hand in hand with operators during emergency
and first aid operations

When expert rescue operators contacted Star Progetti in search of an alternative to the usual hypothermia blankets, the company immediately offered its infrared technology and knowledge.

This collaboration led to the development of heaters specifically studied for use in first aid and emergency situations, such as:

  • Heating the homeless, rescue teams, etc.
  • Quick-assembly (45 mins) tents for rescue operations and for accommodating patients
  • People who have spent a long time in cold water
  • Road accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Action in seismic areas
  • People trapped

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  • Ergonomic, mobile, easy to handle and use.

    All the products in the Star Progetti Emergency and First Aid line have been developed to allow rescue operators to act in complete safety and without fear of interfering with contemporaneous rescue and aid activities.

  • Compact and able to provide immediate heat.
    Compared with the usual hypothermia blankets, provides the patient with heat immediately. Does not get in the way or tear due to shards of metal or glass.

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