Star Progetti's infrared heaters are the optimal solution for the creation of equine solariums

Star Progetti's equine solariums

Star Progetti’s equine solariums are the only wall solariums without a superstructure, specifically designed to completely envelop horses in a relaxing infrared heat, drying them completely.

Effective for horses and ponies of all sizes, they are perfect for heating, therapy and quick drying even of the legs and belly.

Compared to the more common equine solariums, which due to their structure tend to provide heat only to the horse’s back, Star Progetti’s equine solarium can be used to heat the horse’s whole body, including the legs and belly.

In addition, the absence of frames or superstructures means easy access for staff and freedom for your horse.

The advantages of the Star Progetti equine solarium

  • Maximum heat efficiency
  • No canopy frame, facilitating access for you and freedom for your horse
  • Adjustable heat and sitting time – no noisy blowers
  • Safe for use in wet areas

Star Progetti heaters

Star Progetti heaters reduce the need to cover your horse, promoting health and improving the condition of the horse’s skin and hair.

The infrared rays of our heaters are able to relax, calm and provide the necessary thermal comfort to the horse.

They can be used not only for sick and injured horses; by providing better thermal conditions, they are excellent for all horses, boosting health and well-being.

The advantages of Star Progetti infrared heaters

  • Uniform heat
  • Usable day and night
  • Ideal for birthing and resting in the horse box
  • Safe and economical: from less than 10 cents per hour
  • Improves the weight of the animals

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