Star Progetti offers farmers an economical and ecological solution for heating and cooling greenhouses and nurseries

Electric infrared heating

Star Progetti’s infrared heaters represent an optimal solution for heating greenhouses and nurseries.


Infrared systems are not only the most environmentally friendly, but also the healthiest heating solution.
Compared to traditional thermo-hydraulic and gas systems, no additional C02 is introduced into the air, since there is no combustion.


In addition, since no additional moisture and condensation is generated, they do not cause the proliferation of mould, fungi and bacteria in the air, thus reducing the need for fungicides.

Advantages to growing crops in greenhouses

  • Does not produce CO2
  • Does not cause air movements
  • Reduction in the formation of mould
  • Reduction in the need for fungicides
  • Zero maintenance
  • Energy savings of up to 70% compared to traditional thermal-hydraulic systems

Ecological evaporative cooling

The ECO FRESH AIR evaporative coolers by Star Progetti are the ideal solution to a create a cool, ventilated and ecological environment inside greenhouses and open nurseries.


The evaporative cooling cycle does not use gases or other chemical components. The cool air is produced through the natural effect of water evaporation.


All Star Progetti evaporative coolers are equipped with an anti-bacterial UV device for water sterilisation.
By preventing the proliferation of mould and bacteria (such as legionella, etc.) inside the tank, it is possible to prevent them from spreading through the air.

Advantages to growing crops in greenhouses

  • Mobile
  • Lower installation costs
  • Star Progetti quality guarantee
  • Reduces energy consumption (from 110 W to 1100 W)
  • UV antibacterial device to prevent the proliferation of viruses and bacteria

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