Star Progetti supports crop growth and the well-being of animals bred

Star Progetti is able to provide valid support to operators in the agriculture and stock rearing sector. in agriculture, for heating and cooling greenhouses for fruit, vegetables, spices, basil, various plants, etc.; in the stock rearing sector, for heating facilities for breeding and rearing chickens, calves and pigs, milking parlours, stables, etc.

Studies carried out with crop farmers and breeders have demonstrated that the use of Star Progetti infrared heaters instead of traditional thermo-hydraulic systems allows for a drastic reduction in the concentration of humidity in the air and in CO2. The consequent reduction in the spread of mould, fungi and bacteria makes for a more natural, healthy environment, SPEEDING UP THE GROWTH OF CROPS AND LIVESTOCK.

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Advantages to growing crops in greenhouses

Advantages for factory farming

  • No CO2
  • Does not cause air movements
  • Reduction in the formation of mould
  • Reduction in the need for fungicides
  • No C02
  • Heats the bodies only and does not cause humidity and condensation
  • Does not cause air movements
  • Does not cause suffering to the animals due to abrupt shifts in temperature
  • Reduces the spread of fungi and bacteria and health problems for the livestock
  • Reduces the mortality rate of the livestock
  • Improves the weight of the animals

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